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About Islandcraft Coffee Roasters

Fine coffee beans, craft roasted

Single Bean Portraits of our roasted coffees are presented to convey the care and effort that coffee farmers put into every single bean.

  • artisan coffee roasters on Bainbridge Island (WA)
  • beans and the tools for a great cup of coffee
  • wholesale and retail
  • Contact us:
  • Roastery:
    12935 Islandcraft Ln NE, Unit A5
    Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
  • phone: (206) 201-3331
  • Mobile Cafe: Saturdays, Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, 9am-1pm
  • Our Team:
  • David Adler - Owner, Roaster

    Kristine Carroll - President, Photographer, Social Media, Art 

    James Thome, Carol Shangold - Partners

    Daniel Marcy - Brewmaster


    How to find us:

    Our Sister Roastery on Ometepe, Nicaragua

    In 2014, David Mitchell, David Adler and Roberto Mairena raised funds through Indiegogo to purchase a commercial roaster and remodel space at Mano Amiga Community Center in Balgüe, Isle de Ometepe, Rivas, Nicaragua. A year later Roberto began to introduce Ometepe beans into southern Nicaragua tourist markets. Profits benefit Mano Amiga programs.